About Green Leaf

Green Leaf Architecture and Specification Support was founded by Rebecca Campbell in 2009 to offer specification writing, materials research, and green building design consulting services to construction industry professionals.  Rebecca’s career as an architect has focused on environmentally responsible design and materials research.

Green Leaf provides specification writing services to help offices in updating their office master specifications, and in writing individual specification sections or full project specifications.  As a CSI Certified Construction Specifier since 2004, Rebecca has written project specifications for commercial, institutional and multi-family residential projects integrating environmentally responsible practices as appropriate to the project.  As a CSI Certified Construction Contract Administrator, Rebecca brings a firm understanding of the contractual relationships in construction to her work.

Green Leaf provides green building consulting to help clients determine what level of environmentally responsible performance they are able to achieve and to see the project team through achievement of their environmental goals.   As a LEED Accredited Professional since 2002, Rebecca has served as LEED coordinator on four projects which have successfully obtained LEED certification and has been involved in several other projects which are currently seeking LEED certification.   She has also been involved in helping clients determine whether LEED certification is appropriate to their project, as certification may not be suitable for some environmentally responsible projects.

Green Leaf provides materials research services to ensure that products being specified are current and the most appropriate product for the application.  Throughout her career, Rebecca has researched materials considered for projects to determine if they are appropriate to the project with a balance of functionality and environmental attributes.  Where a choice needs to be made between a more durable product and a more environmentally responsible product, Green Leaf can provide the client with the information necessary to make an appropriate choice.